Success Story -- Netex Composting, Inc.
Daci & Leslee Rawson have both been in the septic business for many years as owner/operators of Northeast Texas Disposal (NTD).  Leslee has spent 16 years provide septic hauling and servicing, while  Daci used her business administration education from Texas A&M University - Commerce to manage their company’s administrative functions, accounting and payroll.   As part of their business practices, NTD was forced to haul both their septic sludge and grease waste many miles, in addition to paying over $3,000 monthly, to dispose of these products.   
After years of seeing a lot of waste go to waste, the Rawsons saw an opportunity to recycle the septic and grease trap waste sludge from commercial haulers and municipalities.  The Rawsons contacted the Paris SBDC and Senior Business Advisor Jim Struwe about their idea.
Jim met with the Rawsons beginning in October, 2013 to assist them with a business plan for a local bank.  Over the next 12 months, Jim met with the Rawsons numerous times to help them finally obtain the construction financing from Alliance Bank in Sulphur Springs.  With construction completed from borrowed funds and owner investment totaling just less than $800,000, the Rawsons began operation of NETEX Composting, Inc.
Formed as a subchapter S business, NETEX collects, recycles/composts, and markets the recycled product that helps meet the growing demand for organic soil enhancers and fertilizers.  Their business also gives municipalities a feasible and cost effective alternative to dumping the waste into area landfills. Serving 16 Texas counties, and covering a 60-mile collection radius, NETEX is the only sizeable recycler in this market niche in Northeast Texas.  They will service sixteen Texas Counties covering a 60 mile radius.